An Ethestician Revealed That Hot Water Doesn’t “Open Your Pores”

I can’t tell y’all how many times I’ve felt shitty because I didn’t rinse my face with cold water after a hot wash. Like I actually felt like I was slipping on my self care routine. Older women around me drilled washing with hot water and wiping product off with cold and hearing it for the first time as a young kid made me less likely to do too much research. I mean, it kinda sounds sensible..right? WRONG. This week, an esthetician shared that hot and cold water don’t open and close your pores. Actually, your pores don’t open or close, period.

Los Angeles based skin specialist, Nai (known on the internet as “The Beautyologist“) burst a lot of bubbles with her revelation. The conversation started when a Twitter user offered a testimonial highlighting the benefits of washing your face for 60 seconds. The Beautyologist went into why washing for a full minute is wise: “Cleansing your face (with your fingers) for 60 seconds allows the ingredients in the cleanser to actually work. Most ppl wash their face for like 15 seconds max. It softens the skin & dissolves sebum blockages better. Texture & overall evenness improves. “. Another tweeter chimed in, saying that people need to remember to rinse with cold water to get those pores to close back up. And this is when The Beautyologist lovingly popped off.

Her words weren’t enough though – she backed it up with a self-produced video full of facts.

“What’s actually happening is warm water absorbs into the skin, and not only softens the skin, but softens and liquifies the sebum (or oil), inside of your pores. Which makes cleansers, exfoliants, and masks penetrate more deeply to remove the dead cells, oil, [and] bacteria inside of your pores. Cold water, on the other hand, tightens the skin. Skin tightening from cold water is actually caused by a muscle called the arrector pili muscle, which is a muscle connected to your hair follicle. Your pores don’t actually open and close, but cleansing with warm water, or steaming your face before you cleanse, (or exfoliate, or use a mask) will help that product penetrate deeper, cleanse the debris inside your pores better, and help lift any dead skin cells from the surface.”

The Beautyologist taught me to always look into routines, even if I’ve been hearing them my whole life. Not all methods are correct, y’all. Stay woke.