Check Our Exclusive with Magnus Juliano, the Designer Behind These Louis Vuitton Beads

Designer and musician Magnus Juliano is taking the internet by storm. On January 1st, he posed a simple question to Virgil Abloh, creative director of menswear at Louis Vuitton, stating that he had ideas for the brand. Twitter instantly fell in love with Juliano’s take on the next step the Louis Vuitton should take. Writers Wanna Thompson and Myles Johnson chimed in, both stating their high hopes for the designer. Johnson also went on to discuss how Black people elevate European designs, music, and religion.

“I equate what black designers and artists do with [E]uropean brands and iconography on par with what [B]lack musicians did with turning [E]uropean instruments into jazz, or how [B]lack folks used [C]atholic icons to discretely practice other African/Caribbean spiritual practices”, said the Afropunk writer.

A 3D printing group called Eat Crow Studio and hair stylist Ciera Jackson helped Magnus make this now viral shoot all that it is. When CHEAPYXO asked what inspired Juliano, he said:

“I was inspired by many things! [From] the dynamic of Dapper Dan creating street style masterpieces in the ’80’s using these legendary fashion houses likeness…to a street wear designer by the name of Virgil Abloh [being] given a highly respected position in one of these houses!…Another [inspiration would] be my African heritage. [In Black culture], no matter where [you are] geographically, there’s usually a tradition of braids and beads. Some form of hair jewelry or head dress.  It is art that communicates on its own. Some of the most inspirational decorative styles I marvel at are Kelela’s and Solange’s.

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Whether I’m a Durag package in motion or braided singles with hanging LV charms. Our culture deserves to be immortalized and referenced.”

He also said that the shoot wasn’t a drawn out process.

“The shoot was actually on a time crunch. I knew I wanted imagery but it was difficult balancing everything! Mystic Gooden definitely stepped up to the plate by helping me bring my vision to life!”

These 3-D printed beads are changing Juliano’s life and we sincerely hope he gets the gig!