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    Emman Blue

    How many times can you use the bar in one day?



    I use it in the morning and before i go to bed


    Simone Blackshear

    I use it before bed and in the morning if I remember. I found that during her trial period, the snake oil helped her process along but I’m still waiting to receive the snake oil. It wasn’t up for sale the same time the soaps were but it def helped begin the peeling. Don’t forget sunscreen if doing in the morning!



    My routine, im no expert

    Cleanse w/ Boscia Black Detoxifying or Origins White Tea AntiOxidant
    Mask my face w/ the Miss Camaraderie Soap bar for like at least 10 minutes. Know your threshold of sensitivity.
    Rinse lather off completely w/ cold water
    Massage grapeseed oil on my face
    Spot treat irritated areas w/ hydrocortisol or neosporin
    Apply sunscreen
    Then spray Rosewater toner


    (TLDR)* WILL Miss C lighten my skin cuz I DON’T want that affect* …Too funny I just saw these forums in here. Do ppl still use forums ? Does the Miss C lighten skin tone because I found its great for my acne but I DONT WANT lighter skin. Customer support and product info is a bit to b desired still anybody’s info would be great 💗 This shit for real has been the only thing to clear up my damn acne with my 30 years on this planet so I really wanna keep using it

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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