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    I ordered 3 Miss c bars and only got 1 in the mail

    Alexander Manley

    I ordered a Miss C and Miss A. While I got my Miss C I didn’t get my Miss A. It looks like a lot of other people are reporting the same thing.


    You ordered 3 Miss C bars!?!?! You’re the reason they’re sold out little bitch!

    I’m kidding, I ordered 3 too.


    Hello i ordered a icy Colors Change cd and it has yet to arrive. My order number is #13355, I’ve contacted support and they said it would go out Monday and it didn’t


    i have yet t receive to prior orders placed and im making a third attempt with this purchase today. can someone please look into these past due orders ajd also ensure this new order arrives? i cant continue to waste money this will be my alst attempt to hope you guys are committed and honest.

    I can provide order numbers for the other two and also i can show that i was indeed charged. i may have checked out as a guest which is why you may not see them on my cheapy account.

    please get me all my orders ive paid for!! thank you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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