Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Footbath for the Winter Months

It’s common for skin to dry out during the harsh winter months, especially in frigidly cold places on the east coast. When I lived in New York City and would have to commute 45-minutes to work, my feet would be rough from the intense amount of walking and standing. To fight against this, I created my own foot bath that not only made my feet feel relaxed, but also served as a de-stresser for my entire body. The best part though was that it was simplistic to create, and therefore very cost efficient. In fact, I’m sure you already have the majority of the ingredients in your house already!


Large Plastic Tub

Almond Milk (2 cups)

Warm Water (enough to submerge your feet)

Rose Petals (Optional)

Olive Oil (2 capfuls)

A foot soak is great for after a warm shower. You feel like your entire body has been steamed, letting out all of the physical and spiritual impurities of the past several days.

Start out by filling your plastic tub with either hot or warm water. The heating helps with swelling, a common issue for folks who spend a lot of time on their feet. You then add the rest of the ingredients directly to your water – I started with milk because I’m big on visual stimulation and oil and water aren’t the best combo as far as aesthetics go. I wanted that creamy color to be there before I added anything else. Regular milk is fine as well, for those who don’t use almond milk. No pressure. The oil comes next. It will serve as a moisturizer for your feet. You have the option of scrubbing them afterwards, and I’ve found the moisture helps the dead skin fall off a lot easier. Finally, the rose (or any type of flower for that matter) petals go into your milk water. This is purely to help the appearance of the soak.

Additionally, you can add other ingredients, because this is a part of your personal relaxation time and you have to do what feels good to you! Feel free to add honey if you have any open cuts on your feet, as it has antibacterial properties that fight infection. Let your feet sit in your homemade soak for about 30 minutes and pat your feet dry with a towel. Voila! You’re silky smooth and ready to go. Let us know your variation of the milk foot bath in the comment section.