Letter From the Editor: Let’s Talk About the Holidays

Hey Kunts! I hope the past week was insightful.

So, for those of you who observe, tomorrow is Christmas. But regardless of if you celebrate it or not, this season is a time associated with immediate and extended family, gratitude, and good, home cooked food. We usher in all of the positive energy that we hope fills the next year and take time to take in all of the lessons we learned. Many choose to share their highlights, but if you don’t have anything huge you’d like to share with the world, that’s quite alright. Life is not a competition, it’s a personal experience with interconnected occurrences.

If you’re not interested in talking about your wins, reflect on the experiences overall. What did you learn this year?

For me, 2018, was FULL of tests and triumphs. I learned about the duality of life and the role I play in my own peace and happiness. The year had it’s lows – I had a health scare, I had problems with a loved one, and some friends passed away. But I also had a baby, focused on my spiritual life, and indulged in my hobbies.

Not everyone has good memories linked to late December. For some, it is triggering and can result in anxiety, depression, and rekindled grief. It is our job to pay attention to the people around us, and ourselves, too, to figure out exactly is being felt. Can it be helped? Is space the best option? Do you need to talk to someone? Get in-tune with what’s going on.

Whether this is the best time of your life, or you’re feeling blue – know that you are loved. Do whatever you need to do to feel and be well. You deserve it!

Much love,

Brooklyn White

Senior Editor