Letter from the editor

Hi Kunts! My name is Brooklyn White and I’m the site’s Senior Editor. I’ve worked with a bunch of sites and magazines, like Teen Vogue, The Isis Nicole Magazine, Bitch Media, Vibe Magazine, Fashionista, and more. Writing is my passion and I’m thrilled to be able to share my ideas with CHEAPYXO.

I’ve been tuned in to the gospel of Azealia Banks for 6 years. It was always a dream of mine to work with her in some capacity, so obviously I’m so honored to be here. She is one of the hardest working, most versatile women in the game, and she’s changed the way people express themselves on the internet for sure. It’s only right that she construct her own outlet.

Working as a Black, female, full-time freelance writer had its interesting points, but the positive is that I learned all of the things I want to help change. CHEAPYXO is dedicated to helping marginalized voices be heard. We want that authenticity that some writers have felt obligated to sacrifice for the sake of corporations that think diversity is just a cute buzzword. We can’t just talk about being the change we seek though, we have to do it. Watch us.

Thank you for reading – we’re looking forward to cranking out pure heat.


Brooklyn White

Senior Editor