Our Spiritual Messages For December

Hey Kunts! We’re big time spiritualists over here at CHEAPYXO, and we love sharing our thoughts on internal renewal with you all. Below you’ll find a few words of wisdom regarding how the near future should be navigated. Enjoy!

FORGIVENESS is more important than many people realize. It can block you from receiving key messages and keep you in an emotional rut. It’s sometimes the step after accountability, which is accepting the role you played in the offense. It you were blameless though, you still have to work on letting it go. Let’s be clear though – forgiveness is not forgetting, nor is it welcoming the offender back into your life. Those things can be catastrophic. It is simply acknowledging what has happened and choosing to move on for your peace.

Bruja Emilia Ortiz summed this up in the video below.

CHANGE is exciting. It signals growth. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times it’s loud and obvious. And unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t feel the best in the moment because you don’t fully understand it. But if you believe in the nonlinear, totality of life, you realize that change is a matter of necessary balance and expansion. Try your best to enjoy it.

ACCEPTING LOVE AND HELP has been portrayed has a point of hardship for Black women. It’s more than a portrayal at this point actually – I’m sure some of you all have family members who absolutely refuses to let anyone do anything for them. Some of us actually think it’s a good thing, too. Given the politic climate, imagine being an aspiring “strongblackwoman”. I think because tons of Black women have had a plethora of traumatic experiences over the course of centuries, it is difficult for them to be vulnerable in multiple senses. Life is tough when you feel, or even know, that you are the only person that you can believe in. But sometimes, you have to realize that the world isn’t completely against you. There are people who love you and would be willing to assist you if only you asked. Let people in. Let them love you. You don’t have to carry it all yourself.

TRUST ties into the last concept, but it’s more of a universal trust, rather than a one-on-one. You have to know deep within that you made it this far, so you have to know that you won’t be dropped for no reason. Have a bit of faith and watch your life unfold.

It’s the end of the year, and that mean it’s time to let some things end. CLOSURE is not just about the end of a relationship, it’s about finishing up lingering projects, saying something that you’ve been dreading, and making sure that all loose ends are tied up. You don’t want the end of one year to spill over into the next one.