Miss Camaraderie’s® Youth Bar™ BY CHEAPYXO™


MISS CAMARADERIE’s “Youth Bar”- is being touted by many all over the world as the, “7$ Facelift!” traveling deep into the layers of the skin, this little blue bar does the kind of heavy lifting worth tens of thousands of dollars of cosmetic & laser treatments. Our star ingredient: Retinoic Acid (the world renowned Gold-Standard of Anti-aging) stimulates ones own natural production of collagen, prompting cellular division, cellular death and cellular proliferation. This rapid renewal of skin cells immediately begins to soften the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, and dislodge sebum, dead skin and bacteria caught in pores – Magically reducing the appearance of blemishes OVERNIGHT.

We’ve made self care easy, stress-free and affordable!

MISS CAMARADERIE’s “Youth Bar,” is more than just a friend to your skin!
Leaving behind a classic clean powdery scent, this life-changing beauty bar also increases absorption of your favorite lotions, serums and toners making it a friendly addition to your existing skin care regimen! smooth, clean, pore-free and Youthful skin isn’t a luxury item, or a status symbol, it’s a birthright!

“The Brighter You Shine The More People Will Notice You Are Radiant.”

Zero preservatives, sulfates, alcohols or surfactants.

SPF 30 or better is required during use of this product and for a week afterwards. SPF should be applied every two hours during daylight hours. Limit direct sun exposure during use of this product.

Ages 12+

Ingredients: organic cold-pressed Jojoba Oil, Rosehip seed oil, organic cold-pressed Almond Oil, Retinoic Acid, Vitamin E, Lactic Acid and organic unrefined Coconut oil.

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