Queen Key Is A “Rich Ass TT” In Her Latest Freestyle

While we wait for the second half of ‘Eat My Pussy’, Queen Key is performing and preparing to drop a single called “Ratchet”. She recently stopped by XXL to give us a free spirited and beautifully blunted freestyle for their What I Do series. The 22-year-old Gemini uploaded a clip of the short performance to her Instagram account, simply referring to it as “a poem”.

Chicago’s Queen Key has been making quite a name for herself over the past few years. Cheeky songs like “Slide” and “Toes Out” have become fan favorites. The way she blends soul-crushing realness, comedy, and threats makes her worthy of every bit of the attention she garners. Far from a fake-pumper, Queen Key is the result of a solid grind, a walk that just might exceed the talk, and healthy self esteem.

Her post-drill ‘Eat My Pussy’ mixtape (a 20-minute-long ode to mobbin’, not taking men seriously, and getting her box eaten often) was packed some of Chi-town’s finest rappers. It was widely celebrated over the summer and got her love from Chicago Reader and Refinery29.


I especially appreciate that she tells men to sleep on pallets after their sexual encounter is done. It reflects the type of behavior men have subjected to women for years. While some probably believe that an eye-for-an-eye is not the solution to gender inequality, The Honorable Judge Key takes the laws of relationships and casual head into her own hands. Her latest work is simply a continuation of her brilliant brand.

Watch Queen Key’s freestyle below.