Check Out Our Sex Playlist that Features Queen Key, Megan Thee Stallion, and More

Sometimes you need a little assistance getting in the mood. Whether it be scattering rose petals on the bed, slowly taking off lingerie, or teasing your partner over the course of a few hours, plenty of folks use a stimulant of some sort to help them get ready for loving. It also helps to have something going on during – just a little treat to keep the iron hot. One of my favorite sex must-haves is music. It gives the entire encounter a variety of rhythms and keeps the overall vibe fun and flirty. If sex is riddled with awkward pauses (which is totally okay), some of your well-loved jams are sure to fill that space with what needs to be said. Peep CHEAPYXO’s sex playlist, which predominantly features queer people and women, below.

“No Heart” – Megan Thee Stallion

Megan recently signed to 300 Entertainment, home of rappers Young Thug and Gunna. Her raunchy, bougie verses certainly helped secure the deal that made her the first woman to be signed to the label. 2017’s “No Heart” is a remix of 21 Savage’s song of the same name, except for Megan’s version is waaay freakier. Like infinitely nastier. It’s full of tips on how to please your partner, so take notes. Example: “Ride on tat d*ck like a frog/Make it drop down to your b*lls/You need to give me a call”.

“Playa’s Club” – DonMonique ft. Sha Hef

DonMonique dropped her Black Kate Moss project a few weeks ago and “Playa’s Club (featuring her boo, Sha Hef) is one of the best songs on the album. She unleashes furious, precise flows about her ideal mate, asking if he would “b*tch about other b*tches” and if they could hit up a strip club together. Bonnie n’ Clyde type love right chea.

“PYNK” – Janelle Monáe

Honestly, this is the cutest song on this list. In “PYNK”, a single from one of 2018’s queer queens’ most recent album, lays down her respect for all of the people with vaginas out there. The strap awaits!

“OICU” – Kelela + Le1f

This underrated bop is the perfect slow song to either start things off, or cool them down. It begins with a vocally-manipulated Le1f, who tells the story of finding a hottie at the club and laying down the mack required to bring them home. Kelela is masterfully sensual here, telling her future lover that he would be perfect in her bed, smoking an L. Oo la la.

“Girl” – The Internet

Syd had the one of the biggest glow ups of the decade. (Can you believe it has almost been a decade?!) She went from being a laidback member of Odd Future who lent her voice to interludes and released a couple loose tracks, to becoming the lead vocalist of celebrated R&B band The Internet, and she deserves all of the love she gets. “Girl” is probably the group’s biggest hit thus far, thanks to her smooth crooning and some signature production from Kaytranada.

Talk about sex appeal. Whew.

“Just try to enjoy it and not think too much about the dreaded “so, what are we?”. “

“Could’ve Been” – H.E.R ft. Bryson Tiller

2018 was the year of H.E.R. She captivated many with her performance of  “Best Part“during Daniel Caesar’s Tiny Desk concert. And then, just this week, she slayed a Tiny Desk of her own with her honey-dipped voice. The musical prodigy is primed for greatness, with her enigmatic persona and stunning vocal control. While she has multiple dreamy cuts that would be great for shagging, this one stands out because it’s for a unique situation.

“Could’ve Been” is only for when you’re having forbidden sex with an ex and reminiscing on what y’all could have been together (or when you’re in the mood for straight ignoring lyrics). We’ve all been there, don’t be ashamed. Just try to enjoy it and not think too much about the dreaded “so, what are we?”.

“Slide” (FGB Duck Remix) – Queen Key

Queen sh*t b*tch! Queen Key is the patron saint of confidence, comedy, and oh yeah, cunnilingus. In the words of a rap savior, “If you wanna impress me, eat my p*ssy, don’t bite it”. Amen.

“P*ssy wet as f*ck, I’m a whole pool!”

“Tommy” – Tommy Genesis

Interscope Records’s Tommy Genesis has been around for a minute, sharing her seductive, steamy songs with those who can stand the heat. “Tommy”, an analysis of her NSFW side, is a fan favorite. (“Nobody f*ck like Tommy”). The tempo change at the end of the track makes it ideal for a hot, fast paced session. Also, Tommy’s debut album dropped last month, so go check that out.

“Last Thing” – Alexandria

Ethereal and Alexandria have been called the “modern day Aaliyah and Timbaland” by FACT Magazine. Alexandria’s warm soprano and Ethereal’s tight drums make the comparison more than fair. “Last Thing” is from the singer’s 2016 Promise EP and it’s reserved for f*ck buddies. She literally says that she’s not “lookin’ for nobody, [she just wants to] play around”. Tap in.

“I see both sides like Chanel.”

“Chanel” – Frank Ocean

What would this list be without Mr. Blond himself? Frank Ocean’s bisexual anthem is mandatory for any playlist, but especially one for love making. It’s an exploration of ideas of masculinity, so it’ll make you think, and of course, help you reach your peak during sex. Enjoy and stay safe kunts!