• When should I use Miss Amor?

    You should use Miss Amor when you want to reduce freckling, deep purple stretch marks, discoloration or permatan (which is when the outer arms are darker than them inner arms and have a line of separation between two colors).

    If you are already fair skinned, we do not recommend using Miss Amor on your face.

  • When should I use Miss Camaraderie?

    You should use Miss Camaraderie when you have acne, body acne, acne scars, light/flat stretch marks, wrinkles, keratosis pilaris, rough patches and other conditions related to the retention of dead skin cells.

  • How do I use the Beauty Bars?

    It is important to remember that you should not leave Miss Amor or Miss Camaraderie in the shower. The Beauty Bars are soft and will melt. We suggest you place the Beauty Bar in a cool, dry area on a soap dish with drains.

    It is also required that you use SPF while using the Beauty Bars.

    • Wash with your normal soap (i.e. Dove).
    • Dry off, lather the Beauty Bar in your hands and apply like a mask to the affected area(s). Let it set for 3-5 minutes.
    • Rinse the mask off with cold water.
    • Make sure that all of the mask has been removed as you do NOT want to mix your mask with your lotion.
    • Apply your lotion while you’re still wet.
    • Make sure that all of your lotion is soaked into your skin, and then apply your sunscreen.
  • Do I use the Beauty Bars even after I achieve my desired look?

    Yes, once your desired look has been achieved switch to the 75g low strength beauty bars for maintenance. ??

  • Will I experience more acne at the start of use of Miss Camaraderie?

    Maybe. There is a “purging” stage where new breakouts might occur, but continue to use the Beauty Bar and it will be resolved.

    As you purge, if something comes white as in deep seated acne coming to a head, don’t be afraid to use a Kleenex and gently HELP the pus come out, do not by any means FORCE sebum out of your pores.

  • What should I stay away from while using Miss Amor and/or Miss Camaraderie?

    The use of products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide is strictly prohibited!

  • How long will it take for me to see results?

    You will notice a difference within the first 5 uses.

  • Do the Beauty Bars work with all skin types?

    Yes, but if you already have fair skin do NOT use Miss Amor on your face. You can use it on your thighs/buttocks to help with evening out the skin tone.

  • Will my skin peel if I use the Beauty Bars?

    No, but you might experience light flaking. Just use your preferred lotion to help the healing process.

  • Can I use the Beauty Bars if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Unfortunately none of these products are safe for use while pregnant or while breastfeeding.

  • Are the Beauty Bars FDA approved?

    The soaps are considered a cosmetic item and as such are not under the scope of the FDA.

    As quoted from the FDA website: “FDA does not approve cosmetics. Examples of cosmetics are perfumes, makeup, moisturizers, shampoos, hair dyes, face and body cleansers, and shaving preparations. Cosmetic products and ingredients, and their labeling, do not require FDA approval before they go on the market. There‚Äôs one exception: color additives (other than coal-tar hair dyes). Cosmetics must be safe for their intended use and properly labeled.”

    That said the actives are common and safe for use when used properly. Retinoic Acid (0.05% in the Miss Camaraderie soap) is a form of vitamin A and has the function of chemically exfoliating the skin. It is a very low concentration and should be effective at treating mild skin issues that relate to the retention of dead skin cells.