The Problem With Candace Owens

By Azealia Banks

Damn Candace…

Girl, you are a goddamn mess.

Let’s start this article off with all of the things I like about Ms. Owens. She’s extremely well spoken, a GORGEOUS woman and has a kind of political charisma I find irresistible. Candace is clearly an excellent student. She’s great at memorizing and reciting information. Her skills as an orator are quite impressive and I must admit, she and I have very similar views regarding many of the nations hot button topics ( I.e Feminism and Abortion).

Now, I’m always excited to see Black Women in politics. In fact, I love hearing black women engage in political discourse but where Candace loses me is in her inability to see that her aggressive plan to kiss conservative ass to the top, will only culminate in finding herself sandwiched between two conservative butt cheeks and if she’s lucky; they will be Donald Trumps.

Candace Owens does exactly what she claims liberals are guilty of, – targeting a vulnerable demographic and chastising them into making what she feels is “the right decision.” She runs a political initiative called “Blexit,” obviously inspired by the United Kingdom’s 2016 Brexit initiative which sought a withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. (Brexit {steeped in racism euphemized as classism} is proving to be an absolute fucking failure on a cultural and economic level. el oh el). Her reasoning for the cessation of the Black American voter block hinges on an extreme infantilization of an entire race of people, often violently suggesting that Black voters are in fact a monolithic group of imbeciles devoid of fundamental critical thinking skills and unable to make decisions for themselves.

She is adamant about protecting the images of (white) “conservatives” And painting them as the ones to HELP black people while in the same breath, suggesting that black people need to free themselves from liberal victimhood/welfarism.

Owens is extremely divisive. simply using surface-level rhetoric to amass black votes for the GOP without any real consideration/information about what happens next for anyone involved in that transaction (including herself) lets me know that she is in fact – not at all different from the black people she insists are part of the politically inept monolith stuck on the democratic plantation.

Newsflash: this entire country is a plantation , for everyone involved. The United States of America is a corporation. Your social security number is your employee number and your life as an American is your job. Consumption and Debt Slavery are the key component of our nations functioning.

Like many other conservatives- owens has an arsenal of “All lives matter,” style quips with which she attempts to dismiss the long lists of grievances central to Black American politic. Frequently promoting the idea that any desire amongst black peoples to have their own institutions/institutional power/influence as segregationist theory while constantly suggesting we ‘stop feeling like we’re owed something.’ (Isn’t the point of working to forge our own institutional/economic bodies to not be reliant on the government ie feeling like we’re owed something? )

🙄, anywho….

we’re going to need more from her in regards to detailing this “New Black America,” she sees for black peoples and her reasoning for idealizing a NBA as opposed to a “New America.” The very notion of writing a book called “Blackout: how black America can make it’s second escape from the democrat plantation,” is indicative of serious disillusionment and a narcissistic messiah complex she seeks to justify with the plethora of offensive anecdotes she uses to try chastising people into agreement. We have yet to hear Candace Owens offer anything other than easily available ( albeit, fact-based) anti-liberal rhetoric in which case, does nothing to justify her being a necessary addition to American political discourse. We can simply use twitter or google to indulge these topics. We don’t NEED Candace to corroborate the things she reads on lol.

Owens is a lot like Kanye West in that they are both highly impressionable. They are able to mimic the passion and intensity of other brilliant orators -almost expertly re-iterating their words verbatim, yet fail to do any research of their own resulting in extremely entry-level deductions of complex political concepts. The both of them very often become poster-children for the small-minded black people they desperately seek to separate from. Her stances on foreign and fiscal policy being completely non-existent should be enough proof of her not being well-rounded enough to advance/lead any political initiatives on behalf of the country she claims patriotic devotion to.

she MUST drop that condescending and militant style of expression if she wants to be taken seriously. One simply cannot call out liberals for weaponizing blackness against black people then turn around and create a campaign called “Blexit” – subsequently using your race/ethnicity as political agenda.

Sidebar : did you know Yes Julz made that Blexit logo? (Yuck)

Lastly Candace, don’t come for Meghan Markle for being a “d-list” actress when you yourself are a mere youtuber. Meghan Markle is THAT GIRL. She married into the Royal Family, you married a British nobody sis, stop hating on her for having the type of powerful white dick you could only DREAM of. Also, you need to come down on your adderall dosage and get some sleep, all those amphetamines are making your edges fall out.

With Love,