Watch Ahsh Eff’s “Six Owe Sh*t” snippet

Ahsh Eff is a one of a kind rapper. She’s not all fluff, nor does it feel like she’s trying too hard. Her authenticity just comes out and it’s something that her audience, largely comprised of the LGBTQI community, stans. This is especially true for her most recent video, “Six Owe Sh*t”. I’m sure you’ve already guessed that it’s an ode to Eff’s affiliation.

The 22-year-old performer calls herself “Big Gucci”, a homage Atlanta’s biggest trap star, Gucci Mane. Ahsh doesn’t intend to copy the legendary lyricist, but I can see that she embodies his knack for creating catchy anthems drenched in gully lingo. In “Six Owe”, she talks about everything – from New York’s precious fronto to trigger fingers, all while visually meandering between her regular form and a blue illusion.

The clip, which is exclusively hosted on Ahsh’s Instagram, is only a fraction of the full video. We hope it drops in full soon, but until then, catch the snippet below.