WATCH: “True” by Jade Elliott

Brooklyn bred MC Jade Elliott is starting 2019 on a high note. She revealed a new song, “All Good“, and also shared her video for “True”, a warm bop about fluid love and the trust issues many people have faced. The creation of “True” was a family affair, featuring production by Elliott’s father, Insane Relick. The track heavily samples “Don’t Walk Away” by throwback R&B group Jade, a nice nod to the rapper’s given name.

In an exclusive quote, Jade said:

“True” is meant to be a new classic, a timeless rap track which could be described as nostalgic [and] lighthearted, yet honest and vulnerable…I’m interested in filling in the gaps of ignorance in regard[s] to the multifaceted personality of the [B]lack woman, so all can relate and understand her more.

In the Yinka Soda-shot video, Elliott hangs out with the homies on a rooftop, where she smokes a bleezy and goes through the tongue twister-style verses. She then hops in the whip to head to Coney Island, posting up with cutie pies while she continues to discuss her well fleshed out emotions. It is evident that Jade is positive of her feelings towards her partner, but they aren’t exactly sure if she’s the real deal or not. By the end of the cut, the rapper decides that she is all that she says she is, but refuses to wait around until her lover puts trust in her. You go girl.

“True” has the heart of an old school rap song, but is full of fearless nuance that is now more prevalent than ever. The visual is feel-good fun, reminding us of the sunny, sweet summers that we all look forward to. It will be exciting to see what Jade Elliott does next, so you should definitely keep an eye on her before she blows up.

Watch “True” below.