We talked to Salenta B. about her health and wellness routines

Sometimes, you just click with people. You don’t have to try to find things to talk about, the words just flow. You aren’t afraid of connecting with them, it happens before you even realize that minutes are whizzing by. It’s easy to hangout, the tension is nonexistent and it consistently feels like a breath of fresh air. The best part is when the relationship grows as the two of you evolve as separate beings. You know deep within yourself that you’ve found a real one. That’s the case between myself and Brooklyn-based music manager/DJ Salenta, founder of The PUSH.

Salenta has loved hip hop for years. By all means, she’s a forward-thinking woman, but from time-to-time, she reminisces about hanging out in California (her homestate) with rapper G.L.A.M and being in love with the music that the two would come across. Salenta spends her time curating shows with artists like Liv.e and various members of Mutant Academy, dj-ing her favorite songs, and she recently got back home after weeks of being on the road with House superstar Yaeji. But I bonded deeply with her as a member of the holistic community in Brooklyn.

Being in her living space was a peaceful experience and a high honor. Salenta is particular about who she allows into her life, so you can just guess how she handles her space. It was an aromatic haven filled with plants, incense, good food, and creativity. It was completely reflective of her habits and the type of person that she is, which can both be described as inspirational. We began to trade information about healthy living and I truly think that the world would benefit from her fountain of knowledge. I was given the chance to talk to her about her path, and she answered all the questions I had. Read an excerpt of our chat below.

Brooklyn White: What kind of water do you drink?

Salenta: I used to drink Essentia, but I’m really sketched out by [it] right now because its everywhere and that worries me when its in such high demand.  It makes me feel like “is this what it’s saying it is?” But if it’s the only option, I do. I try to drink more spring water, water with a neutral pH balance because it helps balance out our bodies. Fiji Water is also [neutral].

Brooklyn White: Walk me through your skin care routine – is there anything you stay away from?

Salenta: I don’t consume a lot of sugar. I don’t consume a lot of greasy food, [either]. For skin care, I make sure I use the clay mask or a hydrating mask. I make my own masks with the (gray) Aztec clay – like I put a little bit of oil and water [in it] and I mix it together. I do that so it’s hydrating and also minimizing my pores. [When I wash my face], I use a very mild soap [called] Dr. Natural. I like the almond [Dr. Bronner’s soap].

Brooklyn White: Your hair is a dream – it’s thick, curly, and moisturized. What do you use on it? 

Salenta: I’m still learning about my hair. It depends on the season, [but I just use various oils]. [Also] deep conditioning…is a savior.

Brooklyn White: Lastly, can you talk about your diet?

Salenta: I got really sick when I went vegan, [so I couldn’t stick to it]. But I don’t eat a lot of meat and I don’t eat pork at all. [Absolutely] no pig. I eat the rainbow (a variety of fruits and vegetables). [And] when you’re vegan, you have to eat all the time – that’s what they don’t tell you.


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